Media Bias and Investigative Journalism

What is the importance of a free, independent and investigative press? When the American government keeps chanting «fake news» any time they read critic targeted towards them, how do we know who to trust? Do we trust journalists to bring us the truth? If we assume the journalists are telling the truth, are we accusing the government of misinforming us? This is a huge gray area with no black and white answers.

In a well-functioning democratic society, we need to have the means to legally express our thoughts and opinions and share our research, however it is also equally important that we are capable of thinking for ourselves and not just blindly believe all the information people share with us. It is important to reflect on what we have heard and research our sources to the best of our ability before forming our own opinion on the matter in question.

To sum up, if everyone were told what to believe and what opinions they should have by the government, could we even consider that a democracy? If our choices are heavily influenced by the people that want to be chosen, did we even have a choice to begin with?

Positive and Negative Aspects of Social Media

Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to let people share content in real-time. This revolutionary technology has changed the way people interract with each other forever.

Social networking sites give people the opportunity to keep in touch with old friends who live far away, and also to make new ones all around the globe all in the comfort of our own homes. You can actively look for and find groups of people with the same interests and hobbies as you and share your experiences, artworks, music, photographs, poems, advice or whatever it may be.

You can show everyone you care about anything you want whenever you want. Almost all the information available in the world is accessable right at your fingertips

But if you turn this shiny coin around you will quickly notice that social media has some negative effects as well. The constant waves of people who share pictures of themselves looking better than you ever will, millions of amazing artists, people getting married and having kids, all while you just sit there and watch it happen.

It can be extremely overwhelming and it never stops. Everyone share the parts of their lives they want others to see, and this puts the standards for what is considered normal so much higher than it used to be.

All in all there are many positive as well as negative aspects of social media. It is all about how you use it and how much you let it affect you in your day to day life